The Alaska Honey Collective is an Alaskan company that connects Alaska’s beekeepers with the world. We want to be the place that Alaska beekeepers turn to when they want to sell their honey.

I started this company in 2017 after a couple years of keeping bees as a hobby. I quickly realized that there are many part-time beekeepers like myself that want to sell their honey, but don’t have the resources, time, or money to market and sell it themselves. That’s where the Alaska Honey Collective comes in. I wanted to create a business that takes care of the marketing and e-commerce so beekeepers can focus on their bees.

That quickly evolved into other services. We also offer beekeeping management services and beehive ‘shares’ for folks that either don’t have time to commit to beekeeping, or just want to get locally sourced honey. Check out our SERVICES page for more information.

Much like the honey bee itself, we can leverage the collective honey production potential of Alaska’s apiaries to bring Alaska honey to market. Together, we can reach a broader audience and sell beyond our friends, neighbors, and local farmer’s markets.

Located in Fairbanks, Alaska, land of the midnight sun, we hope you take a couple minutes to check out what we have to offer. We’re the only online local honey marketplace in Alaska. Feel free to reach out  to us with any questions or just to talk about beekeeping.

Top Bar Hives

We believe that the most natural way to keep bees is with top bar hives. A top bar hive is different than a traditional Langstroth hive in that bees build all of the comb themselves – no plastic foundation is used. This allows the bees to build the comb size to their liking, allows us to easily recycle comb when it gets old, and produces cut-comb honey. Hive checks are also much less invasive since we only have to open a small part of the hive at a time. It also saves the need for expensive honey extraction machinery.

One of our top bar hives in the boreal forest outside Fairbanks