Our core services are:

In addition, we support Alaska beekeepers with package installations, honey extraction and bottling, and wax rendering.

Hive Management

Interested in having a hive but don’t know where to begin or simply don’t have the time to manage one? Then having a hive on your property managed by our team is a good option. Under a managed hive arrangement, the Alaska Honey Collective provides:

  • The hive(s) and bees
  • Regular hive checks and feeding
  • Honey extraction, bottling, and labeling

The property owner provides:

  • Space and sunshine for the hive(s)
  • An interest in bees

In an average year, expect 3-4 gallons (36-48 lbs) of honey from your hive. If your hive struggles or fails (it happens sometimes), we’ll provide 3 gallons of honey from one of our other local hives.

A fully managed hive is $400. We’re currently taking orders for the 2019 summer season. View our managed hive agreement for details.

If an entire beehive’s worth of honey seems like too much, you can host a hive instead.

Don’t want a hive on your property, but still want a supply of local honey? Then a hive share might be a better option.

Wax rendering

We can melt and bulk package wax from your hive. We use a double-boiler method to separate wax and impurities and then strain out any remaining particles.

Wax rendering is $1.00/lb.

Package bees installation

Installing a package of bees for the first time can be intimidating. We want to see new beekeepers succeed and can help you install that new package. We provide hands-on instruction and hope you are able to actively participate in the hiving process.

Maybe you’re a seasoned beekeeper but won’t be available to hive the bees when they arrive. We can also install those packages.

Package installation for 2019 is $50 for the first package, $25 for any additional.