Hive Hosting

Hive Hosting

What is it?

Hive hosting is a way for anyone interested in beekeeping to have a hive (or two) placed on their property for the summer. The host provides the space for the bees and we take care of all the rest – hive installation, periodic hive checks, and honey harvesting. In return for hosting the hive, and in addition to the pollination of your garden, you’ll get a couple jars of honey that were made from the flowers around your property.

Before the bees arrive in the spring, we’ll need to view your property and make sure of a few things:

  • You own the property or have the landowner’s written permission
  • There’s adequate space and sunshine for a beeyard
  • There’s an available water source
  • You don’t have a life-threatening allergy
  • You don’t have a bee-curious dog

If you’d like to be more involved or want to have more honey at the end of the season, maybe a managed hive or hive share is right for you.


Do you have a farm and want to host a hive or two and market the honey with your vegetables? Then give us a call to talk about our co-branding services. You host the hive(s) and we can bottle and label them with both your logo and the Alaska Honey Collective logo. Prices for this service depend on the final details of the arrangement and number of hives involved, but we’re ready to work with you. Contact us today.